Private Equity

Bringing Private Equity to Guyana

Recent oil discoveries in Guyana are spurring a multi-year surge in GDP growth that will benefit SMEs offering sustainable, transferable services

▪ Most Guyanese companies that will serve the growing economy are private SMEs with limited access to the capital to finance their business plans
▪ The Guyana Opportunities Fund is raising a Private Equity Fund to invest in businesses operating in Guyana
▪ Because of a long-standing Low Carbon Development Strategy, Guyana encourages ESG friendly businesses and is committed to growth in the Agriculture and Renewable Energy sectors
▪ The Fund will be managed by a team of experienced investors bringing extensive Private Equity & Trading experience and with strong networks within Guyana and internationally. The Advisory Board includes professionals with more than 50 years experience in International Investment Banking, Development Finance, Accounting, Corporate Law & Diplomacy

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